Do You Have A Missing Tooth?

When tooth loss strikes, do you have a trustworthy dental restoration to correct the condition? Even before your scheduled tooth extraction, you can begin discussing tooth replacement options with your dentist. Your dentists, Dr. Trey Thompson, Dr. Heather Thompson, and Dr. Kelsey Baylinson of Thompson Dental Group, offer dental implants in Houston, TX, for total dental restoration.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are dental restorations for missing teeth. They feature a metal screw surgically installed into your jaw bone. What distinguishes dental implants from other dental restorations is that it doesn't simply sit on your gums. Rather, just like your natural teeth, dental implants stay anchored into your jaw bone.

Above your gums, your dental implant root may be fitted with dental crowns or dentures, depending on how many teeth need replacement. For a single tooth, dental crowns fit over your dental implant to fill up the gap above your gum line. However, for multiple missing teeth, dentures attached to your dental implants in Houston, TX, may suffice.

Dental Implants Installation

Discussing your dental restoration options with our dentist begins the process of getting dental implants. Your dentist assesses your mouth and jaw to figure out if you're a fit for dental implants. This assessment may involve physical exams and X-rays. The X-rays check to see that you have sufficient jaw bone density to bear dental implants. Patients with insufficient jaw bone density may need bone grafts before proceeding with the next steps.

Surgical installation of your dental implant root into your jaw bone is the next step. This step requires anesthesia. After installation, the dental implant roots get healing caps to protect them while they heal for the next few months. Follow-up dental appointments let your dentist monitor your progress.

When your dental implant has fused with your jaw bone, your dentist finally installs dental restorations. Your new teeth are now set to function normally.

If you have a missing tooth, discuss getting dental implants in Houston, TX, with your dentist. Call your dentists, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Thompson, and Dr. Baylinson of Thompson Dental Group, on (281) 493-5471 to discuss what dental restorations work best for you.

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